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Butterfly Crystal Earrings


Description A symbol of love and beauty! This beautiful pair of earrings designed in butterfly form will make you more graceful and attractive. This piece is so gorgeous that it...

Colorful Waterdrop Gem Earrings


Description Fashioned with colorful and iridescent zirconia gemstones, this fabulous pair of earrings can be eye-catching at any time wherever you go. Once you wear it, you can be the...

Lovely Cherry Earring Buckle


Description Designed in cherry shape, this lovely piece with delicate design and exquisite craftsmanship definitely grabs people’s attention, making you the center of the crowd. This piece will add an...

Double-sided Star Earring Buckle


Description Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are!Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky. Go and catch a falling star. Star is...

Three-dimensional Love Earring Buckle


Description Finished with sophisticated design and statement, this piece is a showstopping treasure enhancing your glamour and leveling up your happiness in everyday life! Don’t miss this piece and add...

Pearl Bow Stud Earrings


Description You can hear the butterfly speak some sweet words at your ear when you wear this elegant charm on you! Fashioned by cubic zirconia gemstones, this piece is an...

Pearl Bell Bracelet


Description This bracelet is finished with glossy pure white pearls, making you look more elegant and glamorous. The bell adorned on it is a lovely addition to the whole piece...

Cross Buckle Hollow Bracelet


Description This fabulous bracelet takes golden color as its main tone, which can shine all the time and gran attention wherever you go. Its simple design never runs out of...

Magic Angel Pearl Necklace


Description Fashioned with simple design, this necklace is striking and boasts an elegant touch featured by glossy pure pearls, maximally elevating your glamour and look. The classic angel necklace will...

Square Gem Necklace


Description This necklace is accentuated by golden color with a differently-colored zirconia gem standing out, highlighting the whole necklace. Simply elegant, the basic design never runs out of style. It...

Rainbow Gem Necklace


Description This necklace is decorated with colorful zirconia gems, easily attracting people’s attention and cheering you up. The wonderful color combination is an extra addition to your glamour and charm....

Waterdrop Gem Ring


Description This ring is unlike any other! Lovely and attractive, it must be eye-catching and glamorous! This unique piece fashioned with waterdrop shaped iced gems can easily set you apart...

Vintage Pearl Ring


Description Design and simple elegance, this fabulous ring is highlighted by a remarkable and glossy pearls and can glam you up wherever you go. A graceful and charming piece altogether,...

Baroque Pearl Necklace


Description Looking for something that will get everybody ""wow"" and jealous? Then this gorgeous necklace is just right for you! Decorated with a glossy pearl and dotted with golden speckles,...

Hip Hop Heart Pearl Necklace


Description Details & Material Material: Alloy & Pearl Length: 12.4+ 1.2 inches Weight: 30 g

Vintage Peach Heart Necklace Set

$18.99 – $39.99

Description Made with milk white pearls and red zirconia gems, this heart-formed necklace is a showstopping treasure and adds a vintage touch to your whole look. It can match your...

Baroque Lady Pearl Earrings


Description Pink gem, heart and pearl, you can get all fancy elements you want. This pair of earrings is an awesome combination of wonderful stuff, just like you, wonderful girl....

Colorful Rhombus Zircon Ring


Description This colorful ring can make everyone jealous of your having an awesome treasure! This beautiful and special piece can offer you a rich visual effect and leave others a...

Heart of the Sea Stud Earrings


Description Shaped in heart form, this colorful piece decorated with gleaming zirconia gems may accompany you and help witness and record a romantic encounter and sweet love story! Don’t hesitate...

Heavy Industry Baroque Love Earrings


Description Designed in heart form, this delicate piece may witness and record a romantic encounter and sweet love story! The shiny and glossy surface can be striking and eye-catching. Don’t...

Cross Zircon Earrings


Description A symbol of love and beauty! This beautiful earring will fly to your inner heart. This piece fashioned with heart and colorful iced gems is so gorgeous that it...

Shiny Peach Heart Gemstone Earring


Description A symbol of love and beauty! This beautiful earring will fly to your inner heart. This piece fashioned with heart and colorful iced gems is so gorgeous that it...

Gradient Bubble Gem Earring Clip


Description Details & Material Material: Zircon & Alloy Size: 28*45 mm Weight: 6 g Sold separately

Cute Flocking Bear Earrings


Description This piece fashioned with pink flocking bear is cute and lovely and on one can resist its glamour. If this cute pair of earrings can't make your day, nothing...

Peach Heart Meteor Earrings


Description You may find it hard to understand love: it's joyful yet confusing, as the irresistible attraction comes from its floating nature. This wonderful pair adorned by pink iced gems...

Green Diamond Line Earrings


Description Never ever want to lose the chicness? This gorgeous piece is highlighted by a green shiny zirconia gem. This piece can easily glam you up and enable you to...

Cherry Little Princess Necklace Set

$19.99 – $29.99

Description A symbol of love and beauty! This lovely necklace set is fashioned with cute cherry, butterfly and heart, so gorgeous and incredible. Fitting with your outfit at any occasion,...

Flower Lovers Ring


Description Time to show the world your proud personality with this gorgeous individualized ring - openable so it fits your finger perfectly. Remember: the party doesn't start till you walk...

Heart-Shaped Zircon Earring Studs


 Details & Material Materials: Alloy & Zircon Size: 12*12 mm Weight: 6 g

Hollow Butterfly Flying Bracelet


Description After rain there's a rainbow; after night there's dawn; and after an ending, there's a new beginning. The butterfly is a symbol of rebirth and beauty after pains and...

Colorful Zircon Butterfly Ring


Description Why is the Butterfly dazzled? The answer is easy: your beauty has taken its breath away! Details & Material Materials: Copper/Zircon Inner Diameter: 17.3 mm/#7 Weight: 3 g

Round Zircon Letter Necklace


Description That's right! This is a necklace exclusive to your name, with diamonds on the side of the golden round plate, sparkling. It can make you the brightest one in...

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